Getting Ready For The Year! #2023

Hey everyone! (I feel like its a missed opportunity when I don't say "what up, dogs!" but I'm still not going to.)

We have been looking over last year and planning for this next year as I am sure many of you have been doing. It's kind of exciting! We have given our girls some extra opportunities to help out with the shop and they are smashing it with some "New Year" energy! I don't know that they care that much about the new year but they have been really owning it. Currently they are planning for the next Coffee And Chocolate Fest coming up in April! After talking to them about it I am confident they are going to kill it!

Along side all the other things we are doing to recover from the last three month I have been listening to a lot of podcasts. all of the podcast have been interviewing James Clear author of "Atomic Habits". And what I've realized is that most of us a live inside habits that we have created. I've been creating habits a lot more intentionally over the last couple of years as I've seen the need for it in order to not burn out and to keep this business running. So it was encouraging to see that I've already started the process of creating "atomic habits". Beth's dad has been telling me a lot about the book so it's in my Audible que now. Any way, if you don't get the book but are looking to make some improvements this year I can tell you that the small improvements I started back in 2019 have now become standard routine and now I'm improving on the routines. Improving on routines is one of the things Clear goes over.
[Daniel turns to pat himself on back]
So don't worry so much about the big changes. You have the rest of your life to make those. Start with some little changes. The interest ads up. And if you die before you can bench 500lbs don't feel bad, it was probably better you didn't spend all that time in the gym fast tracking it to muscular fame! but actually, if you were at the gym maybe you wouldn't have gotten hit by that car out side the yoga studio. So maybe spend more time at the gym... 

Any way, we have new hours this year too. We started our Wednesday through Saturday schedule on the 4th and man has it been nice. I can tell you about it if you come in!

Wednesday - Friday 7am-1pm
Saturday 8am-1pm

Happy New Year and cheers!

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