Our Story

Our dream of opening a coffee shop started with the first spark in our relationship while studying with friends at coffee shops around town. After we married we continued to research what it would take to make it happen. We stumbled upon coffee sourcing and malpractice going on in the coffee world. We were saddened to learn that much of the coffee we had previously enjoyed was not paying the farmers enough to live off of. We knew we couldn't profit off others who weren't being treated fairly. With lots of research and helpful encouragement from the local coffee community, we found connections to farmers to purchase coffee beans to roast. Many paying better than fair trade and also supporting the farmers with other needs in their own towns like helping run clean water, supplying machines that were needed, or helping provide items for the local schools and hospitals. Just like man's best friend, we want to be loyal in all we do. Loyal to the farmers, loyal to the beans that were so carefully picked and processed, and loyal to our own community in providing a good cup. It takes so much to produce one cup of coffee. We hope each hand that helped grow and pick the beans to the hands that hold a cup of fresh coffee are well taken care of.