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Dalmatian Blend

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I delicious espresso blend. This coffee has been saved from the fire by a trusty Dalmatian. As we were working on this blend we hit a wall. We couldn't seem to get the right balance of caramel and chocolate that they were aiming for.

That's when the fire department showed with their professionally trained roasting Dalmatian (for when they have extra fire leftover and green coffee). 

We knew this was our time to be humble and ask for some advice. Unfortunately dogs and humans can't communicate roasting curves that well so we had to just allow the pup the controls. A few roasts and tinkering later and we tasted the first sip of the new espresso blend. Perfection! That dog knows its stuff!

Blend of South American coffees and Papua New Guinea. We change the beans ratios to always aim for that perfectly smooth sip that was first discovered by our friend at the fire department.

Tasting notes: Sweet, nutty, caramel, hint of tart apple with a smooth chocolatey finish.