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Ethiopia, Guji

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From the birthplace of coffee, our Ethiopian Guji delivers that much sought after blueberry, fruity cup with delicious floral note and sweet, chocolaty finish. This Organic Guji is from the Allona Washing Station in the East Guji Zone at 2,000-2,150masl and is 100% arabica coffee cherries that are sun dried on raised beds, and carefully tilled by hand to ensure that it is uniformly dried. 

We consider Ethiopian coffies a staple in our shop. First falling in love with it back in 2014 when we had our first sample roasted on our stove top "roaster". Back then we roasted in a wok. The complexity and beauty of Ethiopia exploded in our cup and we have never looked back!

We roast this bean light to highlight its fruity notes but use it in our Black Lab Blend with a darker profile to bring out those earthy chocolaty notes. 

Producer: Small Farm Holders in the East Guji Zone
Variety: Arabica G2 Heirloom
Processing: Natural Process
Altitude: 2075masl

Fruity notes of blueberry, rose, lemon, and cocoa finish.